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Client feedback

At YOSS we LOVE youth focus groups. We hold them a couple of times a year and invite clients to tell us what they think. Here's some info they gave us in the October 2013 feedback session ...... 

What do you like most about YOSS? Free food, good services, friendly staff, staff are good at their job and go the extr amile. the new building is nice and big, if the staff don't know the answer they know how to find it.
What could be improved? More Doctor availability, more Doctor booked appointments, counselling is booked up and you can’t get in.I waited four hours on the queue, I waited 2.5 weeks to get a booked appointment, get others to come in to deliver other services that YOSS doesn’t have, onsite e.g. midwife.

  Why do you come to YOSS? To visit Colin, sort my behaviour, medical stuff, it’s free, get help to feel better.  

YOSS has an idea about employing two young people, part-time, to work in a support role with clients. These two young people will have some basic training on working with young people. This role is called a peer support worker.

1. As a client would you ask for help from a peer support worker at YOSS? This is an awesome idea; yes we would talk to this person. They would have had to sign lots of confidentiality papers, have their boundaries and personal issues sorted though.

There’s been a lot of media attention about legal highs: Do you think that young people have enough info about the risks of legal highs? 

No, no-one tells you that you’re going to cough up black chunks, warning label with side effects, paces that sell it should have info about where to go for help. People who sell it just want profit; schools need to have better info about it.

 Do you think that young people can get help in coming off legal highs?

Yes –they can come to YOSS, talk to friends, go to school counsellor or use other kinds of drugs instead.

Do you think that it has become harder for under 18s to get legal highs since the law changed?

No change in access, depends on retailer, no age checks, others just get if for you.

 Actions from Youth Focus Group:

Review structure of booked appointments and walk-in clinic

Try and fund the peer support service and if we are able to employ them then include lots of training about confidentiality, boundaries and self awareness.

Increase profiling around legal highs.