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Health Services

Keep healthy with a FREE and
friendly check-up.

That's right, it's free for people aged between 10yrs and 24yrs to see our friendly nurses Alysha, Cat and Layli, our Nurse Practitioner Rachel and our super Doctor Dave and Dr Nader . The YOSS health services team is here to help with anything from sore toes and throats, asthma, contraception and sexual health to feeling depressed and general well-being.

In Covid-Level 2 WE ARE NOT able to run our walk-in service. We have booked appointments and phone consults. 

Give us a call on 06 355 5909, 0800 800 274 or email office@yoss.org.nz to arrange an appointment.

Want to know more about our fantastic healthcare team? Click here.


Rachel is our Nurse Practitioner at YOSS!