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How to refer to YOSS


A young person doesn't need a formal referral to come to YOSS. They can just rock on in, we'll chat to them about what's happening and come up with a plan about what we can do.

BUT - if you'd like to send us some specific information or for us to contact a young person directly (with their consent of course) then we have a super referral form that will make things SOOOO much easier and quicker.

Just download it, fill it in and
email it to
info@yoss.org.nz or fax it to 06 3555907.

Please remember before you refer:

  • Is the young person aged 10-24 yrs of age?
  • Do they live in Palmy?
  • Do they want to come to YOSS?

If you answer YES to all of these questions - then GO FOR IT - fill in the form. If you answer NO to any of these questions - then please contact us.

doc YOSS Referral Form (0.18MB)

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