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What's YOSS?

The Youth One Stop Shop has been serving the needs of Palmerston North's young people and their whanau/families since 1994.

YOSS employs a friendly team of trained and qualified professionals who share a passion for young people and the contribution young people make to our families, friends, schools, workplaces and communities.

Our Mission

The Youth One Stop Shop empowers young people to make informed choices to enhance their positive well-being and self development. We strive for a community where young people have the opportunities to actively participate in decisions which impact on their well-being.

YOSS is an approved social service provider, supported by the Department of Child, Youth and Family, the Ministry of Health and Central PHO. We also receive funding from the Lottery Grants Board and the Palmerston North City Council and are recognised as an Incorporated Society under the 1908 Act. Our staff are competent in the provision of the services we offer, and we're consistently acknowledged as successful market leaders in youth services.

We work from a youth development framework. This approach helps ensure young people are fully prepared for adult life by addressing broader developmental needs instead of focusing primarily on solving or fixing their ‘problems'.

The Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa focuses on enhancing protective factors in young people's lives, supporting a sense of belonging and connectedness to key social environments, ensuring young people have safe and caring relationships, and promoting young people's active participation and engagement in all areas of their lives. At the core of this strategy is a youth-based approach to the positive development of young people.